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From The Line Up

Hi, my name is Keith Oliver,

In 1972 a program in America called ‘HarryO’ went to air.   It was about a policeman and his name was Harry O’Brien, but he was given the nickname of HarryO.  That’s when it started for me, my surname is Oliver so people started to call me HarryO.

HarryO surfwear

My interest in all water sports has been with me all my life, always at the local pool in summer, down the beach whenever the family or friends were heading down, getting my first airmat  they always smelt like an old car tyre when you had to blow them up.  I got my first fibreglass board at the age of 8, from then on I knew that surfing was for me.  Every holiday, it was down to the beach and surf until we had no more energy left or our feet were so cold that we couldn’t feel them anymore.

Over the years, I have also done windsurfing, suba diving, water sking and kayak racing which includes the Murray Marathon - a 400km race down the murry river.       

 So what am I trying to bring to the surf industry?
I want everyone to feel that they can get out onto the water and have fun, to have a go, even if you spend a lot of time under the water, getting covered with sand in places that you never thought you had.  Just having a go, with clothing that is comfortable and easy to wear.
the Harryo logo is easy to see and you will be a team rider wearing one of these.  Have a look at Billabong and Rip Curl the next time your checking out the waves, you won’t see any of their shirts saying ‘team rider’.

So remember, the next time your out catching a wave, it’s all about having fun and having a go,  but if you miss that wave you thought was yours - just wait, there’s another one coming along with your name on it.

            Keith Oliver.      AKA HarryO